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A community where people, friends and businesses interact. A community where you can find useful information, sell you car or simply read interesting stories that happen in your own back yard–subdivision, city or county.

CHANGES   The purpose of LSO

There are changes on the lakefront

Since I have owned a house on the lake over eight years, I have seen many changes - and mostly - responsible improvements. I have seen the community grow and businesses appear to prosper as the area further develops and becomes the gem in middle Georgia.

With this in mind, I'm personally compelled to use all of my skills to develop this online resource. I see many needs that I'm excited to fulfill here and want to incorporate my small contribution to the health & growth of our neighborhoods and lake lifestyle.

I thank you for your interest in our site. I hope to make it everything that my imagination can achieve and all with your contributions. It's designed to connect, support and fortify our community.

It's designed for you.

- The Founder

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