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Lake Sinclair Online
A new approach to Lake Living

Lake Sinclair Online will answer the needs of those who have chosen lake living and those who desire what we already have.

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HIGHLIGHTS   What's new at LSO

Exciting things are about to happen ...

We decided to go ahead and launch Lake Sinclair Online prior to getting everything done. We just couldn't wait! But within a few weeks, you'll be amazed at the resources and information that we at LSO will provide to the lake and its community.

A few of our coming features include:

Online Classifieds
List your rental property, sell your boat, advertise your yard sale and interact in your own community.

Message Boards
Who doesn't have something to say? Would you like to meet other lake visitors, start your own online meeting room or discuss important issue that affect your daily life? Soon this will all be possible.

Stories about the lake
What else is more important than the lake and its neighboring communities? We will publish YOUR stories and information along with our own. If you are a business or a resident, you can begin by submitting your stories TODAY.

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